Beta Max

larK on Mar 16th 2017

This service is "beta", for the time being; it's running off my staging server, there are no uptime guarantees. It scrapes the CIDU RSS feed every 10 minutes and updates the archive with new posts. I wrote this March 15, 2017, in the evening, so that's as far back as the posts go; going forward, they will be there, barring downtime, moderation causing a post not to show on the RSS feed, and CIDU Bill not objecting.

Everyone (and his Uncle)

larK on May 23rd 2017

I noticed the drop-down list of all CIDU commentators was getting unworkably long (over 200) -- who knew so many people comment (and this is only people who have commented since March 15th!)?
So, here's what I have done: the drop-down will now by default populate with only the last 100 people who have made a comment -- but: if you want the drop-down to show everyone who's ever made a comment since March 15, 2017, you can select "Everyone Ever" from the drop-down, submit the form, and it will now populate with everyone ever (from March 15, 2017).
Please note: all of this only affects the drop-down list; the recent comments shown will be from all comments I have (unless you are filtering for a specific commentator, obviously).